Fresh convenient food for you!

The plant based meals we provide in our Weekly Meals program have been designed to give you optimum balanced nutrition and are freshly made just for you.

Please refrigerate all of the food and note the “best by” date written on each container—some foods may be eaten later in the week, others recommended to be eaten within 3 days for optimum flavor. You may, of course, choose to freeze some of the foods to enjoy later.


Order and pay with our on-line system Thursday thru Monday for Wednesday afternoon pick-up.  Our on-line store will close promptly at 8am Monday morning. Your meals will be boxed or bagged for easy transport. However, you may want to bring a cooler to keep your meals cold until you get home.


Single = 4 entrees, 2 small salads, 2-16oz soups and 1 dessert

*from $65.00 plus tax, Single (serves 1 person)


Double = 8 entrees, 2 large salads, 2-32oz soups and 2 desserts

*from $110.00 plus tax, Double (serves 2 people)


(Online Ordering for Our Weekly Meal Service is only available between Thursday afternoon through Monday morning.)
Menu ingredients are subject to change due to produce availability.

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